As a successful and motivated business owner with proven talent for technology and passion for pushing products to the public, I have proven my ability to handle high stress situations involving solid, strict and short deadlines while remaining creative and flexible in solving problems. This has not only increased profits for personal businesses as well as business I work with. Having worked with wide varieties of companies, national and international, my reputation for driving projects end to end and remaining respectful, confidential and driven has been recognized and rewarded many times over.

Driving for success every time, I work hard, long hours as required to get the job done. I also believe in supporting others to grow in their careers around me. Working as an individual contributor and remaining focused on communicating my progress/status to others to avoid anyone being left surprised.

Respect, hard work and communication are the foundation for my personal management style and is what I believe defines success in today’s leaders and managers.

Benjamin J. Rew